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Nutritional Plans to Fight Cancer
Omar Samir

Naturopathic physician for Cancer Treatments Alternatives

Combination of certain fruit seeds to fight cancer

As your personal Naturopathic physician, I will offer you nutritional plans tailored to your needs as part of my new program called Latest alternative in natural cancer treatment. It is worth mentioning that the food plan will depend on the type of cancer and its progression.


Once I make a medical evaluation of your profile, I will determine which strategy we will follow regarding the food plan that you should take into consideration.

As part of your diet, I will suggest you consume the seeds of certain fruits in specific amounts, to help you fight or slow down the progression of cancer in a timely and effective manner. 

The fruit seeds that I will propose to you, will make a huge difference. You will see an improvement in your health rapidly. In addition, please remember that I will be monitoring your health on a daily basis.

This method has been also used by some of the best cancer treatment centers as well as small health care institutions that are known to be the best alternative cancer centers in the world. In addition, those health centers have the reputation to use the most effective cancer treatment.

I consider my new method to be the most effective cancer treatment available today, for people who want to fight cancer through rapid and effective alternative using natural remedies for cancer. 

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A light at the end of the tunnel

Do not waste your time, energy and possibly your health towards expensive and risky procedures to treat cancer.


I have a method that will allow you to treat yourself in the comfort of your home without having to run to hospitals and pharmacies.

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Who I am

Healthy alternatives to fight cancer


My name is Omar Samir; I am a Naturopathic doctor since 2014, graduated in Health Sciences from Northern Arizona University in the United States.


My great passion is to share my knowledge in the area of ​​healthy nutritional plans for people with cancer.

Over the past 8 years, I have helped several individuals who suffer from cancer, to improve their health and even, for many of them, to completely eradicate the disease using my new technology cancer treatment through specific food plans.


I have worked very hard trying different types of food combinations until I found the right mixture to help my patients fight cancer in a healthy way.

So, this is what I am currently doing. I am promoting a new alternative that consist of a specific food recipe to treat people with cancer. In 2019, I was named the best cancer doctor in the world by the prestigious Healthy Times Magazine in Singapore.

I can now say that I feel totally confident that my dietary plans to fight cancer are very effective for at least 80 percent of my patients.  That is the reason why my healthy method to treat cancer is being promoted in some of the best cancer hospitals in the US for the past several years.

My specialty in cancer treatment

-Creating healthy nutritional plans for people with cancer who are looking for alternatives to fight or slow down cancer.

-Designing nutritional plans for people taking chemotherapy sessions.

-Promoting natural treatments for people who are in remission from cancer.

Healing is within you. All you need to do is read, compare, decide and finally,

take action...

Dr. Omar Samir


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